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With all the hype around CrossFit over the years, due to its unique system for building strength and stamina by pushing yourself to the limit, CrossFit 30518 is not your average gym!

Offering so much more than a full body workout with transforming results, we offer a community of support and accountability inside and outside the gym. Accommodating your schedule, CrossFit 30518 maintains a variety of time slots throughout the week for quick workouts that are conducive to your lifestyle.

We welcome all shapes, sizes and experience levels and we always pack a punch of healthy challenge to your work out that leaves you feeling stronger physically and mentally.

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*Cancellation policy: 30-day written cancellation notice require in all memberships 

Meet the Coaches

Kristen Kostun

Owner & Coach

Never Having been an athlete growing up, Kristen was hesitant when she was introduced to CrossFit in 2010. However, her fitness hobby soon evolved into a passion and a dream she would build her life around. Just one year after beginning her fitness journey, Kristen became a level 1 coach with a certification in Olympic lifting and opened her very own CrossFit location... known as: CrossFit 30518!

Over the years she has participated in several local CrossFit Competitions, 5 and 10k trail runs and a half marathon. Kristen enjoys holding others accountable, building strong bonds and focusing on enhancing her physical and mental health, while having fun and being challenged in her workouts!

Holly Lautzenhiser


A Georgia native, Holly Lautzenhiser is a life-long athlete who became a CrossFit coach in 2018 after falling in love with how CrossFit increased her strength, allowed her to work hard and stay healthy. Holly has a passion for sharing these benefits with others. Not only does CrossFit increase strength physically but it increases strength mentally, providing an escape from the day to allow people to focus on improving themselves inside and out.


i am


"I’ve learned to appreciate and love my body and the strength it allows me to have."


"I want to stay active and healthy to keep up with my kids."


"I really like getting stronger, preventing injury and being able to eat that 2nd or 3rd donut without any issues!"


"I really enjoy the competitive aspect as well as the comradery. CrossFit stays interesting as workouts are varied and they’re always challenging even as you get stronger. It’s rewarding to see that small, incremental progress made over the years of doing CrossFit ends up in substantial improvement overall."


"Fitness was the one thing I couldn’t seem to follow through with until I joined CrossFit 30518. It was scary and hard but it has been so rewarding. CrossFit has given me the ability to do things I never thought possible. The coaches are awesome and I appreciate all their guidance and encouragement. I’m so proud I decided to join CrossFit 30518 because it changed my life."


"I love the way I feel after I’ve crushed a workout. Feeling that sense of accomplishment after finishing something challenging. I also love that 30518 is more than a gym, it’s a community, a second family and a huge support system. I love that I am surrounded with people who have like goals and values. CrossFit 30518 is WAY more than a gym."


"So I’m not the fat ass bass player on stage."


"They believe in me and push me to do  more than I ever think I can."


"Why 30518? Because I want my six pack. That’s all I know. That’s the only purpose I have. Thank you!"


"CrossFit 30518 helped me to come back to my motto of 'just keep moving' slowly, gracefully, and with a lot of patience. CrossFit helps my mind to stay strong. My flexibility, strength, stamina and drive have ALL greatly improved since joining. I love you CrossFit 30518!"


"It pushes me mentally and physically, I found strength I didn’t know I had. I’m a whole new woman! I get my drive from the coaches and the other crossfitters who are there to support and cheer me on!"


"I am strong because of the encouragement, motivation and coaching - not only from the coaches - but from the other members, as well. The comradery at CrossFit 30518 makes it more than just a gym, it’s like a family."